2019 HSBC Bank Canada Commercial Banking Graduate Program

2019 HSBC Bank Canada Commercial Banking Graduate Program

Locate the correct open door for you

We convey an individual way to deal with business. The majority of our partners – regardless of whether they work in one of our branches the nation over or in our central command areas – are committed to serving our customers.

Profession Fit Tool

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Take a short test to see where your interests fit best at Edward Jones.


On our intensely paid 18-month program, you will finish three revolutions, each enduring a half year. And in addition furnishing you with an expansive affair of our Commercial Bank, the program will enable you to make contacts, give you presentation to senior pioneers, individual alumni and a differing scope of customers, and help you find where you fit best, so you can prevail in your vocation.

What you can anticipate

Despite which degree discipline you have originated from, we will enable you to assemble the information to prevail in our Commercial Bank. With the assistance of senior pioneers and companions, you will build up a scope of abilities, while expanding on the ones that set you apart from the opposition. As our Commercial Bank works in excess of 50 nations and regions, you will have the chance to manufacture a worldwide system and team up with customers in both created and creating markets.

What you will do

To start with, you will be acquainted with our business with an enlistment, where you can meet individuals from over the world and gain a comprehension of what HSBC does. You will then total three revolutions working in our Customer, Product and Credit groups. These will happen inside our Relationship Management and Global Trade and Receivables Finance business zones.

It implies you will help us by supporting our clients, which incorporate private ventures and multinational undertakings. You will utilize new innovations to give better answers for our differing customers and you will figure out how chance administration has a major impact in building customer methodologies. You will likewise have the chance to attempt turns in zones, for example, item administration and business improvement.

Who does this suit?

We are searching for inspired and committed individuals who are:

Relationship manufacturers. Regardless of whether you are hoping to fabricate compatibility with your guide or help prompt a business, you should have the capacity to peruse individuals well and empower shared regard in some of the time high-forced conditions. This implies building dependable connections and guaranteeing individuals can rely on you.

Inquisitive students. Demonstrating an assurance to find out about our Commercial Bank and the items we offer is fundamental in helping you construct a fruitful profession with us. It is tied in with turning into a specialist and having the capacity to exhort customers knowledgably on our contributions.

Advanced issue solvers. The job of a Commercial Banker is changing, ending up significantly more innovation engaged and pioneering. This implies we should be valiant and proactive while looking for better arrangements and influencing utilization of the assets we to have around us –, for example, different business regions and new innovation.

Compassionate communicators. Our customers are at the core of our Commercial Bank. You will do everything to help them wherever conceivable, framing enduring connections that you can use to have the capacity to meet clients’ individual targets.

What would this be able to prompt?

When you have finished the program, you will have the opportunity to move into a full-time job inside Relationship Management or the Global Trade and Receivables Finance groups. From that point you can exploit our Commercial Bank’s worldwide nearness, with chances to advance your profession into more senior jobs both locally and over the world.



Our Approach

Serving customers well is significant

Each part of our business – from the area of our workplaces to the ventures and administrations we offer – is adjusted to enable us to all the more likely address every customer’s issues. By addressing customers’ needs, we have any kind of effect in individuals’ lives

Make your prosperity individual

Edward Jones is a pioneer in the monetary administrations industry, yet we adopt an individual strategy to business that begins with an eye to eye meeting between an Edward Jones guide and a financial specialist. We trust that building long haul associations with our customers and putting singular branch workplaces in the areas where speculators live and work are vital to serving our customers’ needs. In a world progressively commanded by generic, cost-cutting activities – where numerous in our industry appear to be determined to supplanting human contact wherever conceivable – we trust that leading business on an individual, balanced premise is the best methodology. To take in more about what aides and drives us consistently, see our managing standards.

See our universal scale

We trust that nonstop development and test make us more grounded and that the more we develop as a firm, the more we can improve the situation our individual customers and partners. We as of now have over $787 billion in resources under consideration all inclusive, and in excess of 13,000 budgetary counsels crosswise over Canada and the United States.

Do you know our methodology is broadly perceived?

Because of doing what’s best for our customers, we’re pleased to get numerous acknowledgments and grants, including being positioned among the best backers for our customers and one of the best organizations to work for.



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